Nashik; The Kumbh, Moksh & Modernity

Nashik, an unprepossessing mixture of featureless market town, pilgrim centre and sprawling modern industrial estates, nonetheless has an old city are near the ghats with characteristic traditional buildings. It is one of Hinduisim’s most holy sites, taking its sanctity from its position on the headwaters of the Godavari River. It commands the strategic route from northwestern India to the southern Deccan.

Nashik shares the triennial Kumbh Mela with Ujjain, Haridwar and Allahabad and every 12 years millions of pilgrims coverage on the river Godavari, sometimes referred to as the Ganga of the Deccan, to bath. The Godavari, which rises 30km away at Trimbak, is believed to have a common underground source with the Ganga itself. In the last 10 years Nashik has been one of India’s fastest growing cities, but the town itself is undoubtedly ancient, laid with history over 2500 years.

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As Indian wine continues its coming of age, Nasik's growth potential as a wine tourism destination is wide open. India's best wines are produced locally and an afternoon touring the gorgeous vineyards in the countryside surrounding the city is a great reason to point your nose in Nasik's direction. The district has 29 wineries in operation and consequently Nashik is occasionally known by the epithet "The Wine Capital of India".